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36 Days of Type

36 Days of Type asks the community to create one letter of the alphabet (then the numbers), every day for just over a month. Two of our creatives have been getting involved and we want to shine a spotlight on them. 

Sonia Mijatov
“It’s always super exciting seeing what everyone cooks up. I’ve often admired from the sidelines, but this year was time to put my big girl pants on and do it. Sounds slightly unhinged? A lot of work? Super niche? Yup yup yup. Agreed.” — Sonia.

You can check out her letters @deskofsonia.

Mark Wison
“36 Days of Type has been a really good way to challenge my motion design skills — something I’m still fairly new to. It takes a bit of planning to stay on top of things, but I’ve embraced the hectic nature of it, playing around with something different everyday. There’s something about making letters move that’s pretty magical!” — Mark.

You can check out his finished animations @markw.jpg.