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Escape Tradition. Drink Fugitive.

We had the pleasure of working with Marlborough wine start-up Fugitive; New Zealand’s first organic wine brand using only alternative refillable packaging.

We set out to develop a logo that 'uncaged' wine. A wine that wants to break free from its conventional past. Uncaged. Unpacked. Uninhibited. Unexpected. We formed a cut-through logomark that is a typographic expression of the repetitive lines of vineyards. The two smallest ‘dots’ at the top and bottom are representative of Fugitive’s founders working within the vineyard; Logie and Nadine - "just two mates making wine differently." This design is about taking wine back to its roots whilst creating a cut-through, unique wine brand in an over-saturated industry.

Their first release of Fugitive Organic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is coming soon to bar and restaurant taps in refillable and reusable kegs.

Escape tradition, drink Fugitive.

Instagram: @Fugitiveorganic
Photography: Lisa Duncan Photography