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H&M Halloween

Clothing giant H&M wanted to introduce their new line of Halloween costumes available for women in Tokyo and throughout Japan, appealing to a younger, tech savvy audience in the most happening locations Shibuya, Roppongi, Akihabara, Harajuku and Osaka.

They wanted the video to show a top model getting dressed in an array of costumes and accessories in the chosen locations but struggled with creating a consistent look and feel in a relatively short piece.

Strategy used its expertise in graphics to design a dynamic set of location backdrops that kept a consistent feel throughout the piece and incorporated selected trendy music to further expand on the theme of each location and corresponding costume.  Our production team including our top director, producer, crew, and stylist focused on creating seamless transitions with our talent in a fast-paced, fun video that translates across all languages. 

The video was a hit when it came out online across social media channels just at the launch of H&M’s Halloween sales campaign. The client was thrilled as it helped increase sales and created a frenzy of interaction among excited females customers about a holiday that is growing in popularity in Japan and built anticipation around H&M’s future costume campaigns in the year to come.