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Auckland International Airport

Airport of the future

Auckland International Airport is the second busiest airport in Australasia, and is growing rapidly. To keep up with this growth — and ensure the airport remains ahead of its game — the publicly listed company developed a 30-year vision for the future.

Our brief was to bring this vision to life and produce a document that could be shared with the public, as part of Auckland city’s Unitary Plan process. This 30-year vision document distills complex and controversial information into an inspirational and simple narrative.

The challenge was to present complex expansion plans in a way that focused on the benefits of a thriving, dynamic airport. We developed 3 dimensional renders to help audiences visualise the new airport experience, alongside infographics to highlight key facts and figures. These were accompanied by simple captions over full bleed photographs — an confident approach which transformed the content into a compelling story.


Brand elements

Conceptual renders