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Lenses for life

Keen photographer Simon Apperley spotted a market opportunity: high grade camera lens filters at an affordable price. He came to us in need of a name, brand, packaging design, and fully functional eCommerce website. The challenge was to create a brand that felt established and high-end quality for a global market.

Through internal discussions, workshops with Simon, and a few late night thinking sessions, we came up with the name Okko. Simon loves its simplicity and the fact it can be pronounced easily in any language, and we love the way it rolls off the tongue. From a design perspective, the Okko name is aesthetically pleasing. It is a palindrome (it reads the same backwards as forwards),  and by simply reversing the first ‘K’ we have created a symmetry that works on several levels. The visual identity was completed with the selection of bold engaging colour and high-end packaging. The outcome is a brand that demonstrates the high quality features of the product, and is aspirational and fun to inspire people to get out and about to shoot photos.

Okko’s Instagram has grown to more than 5,000 followers in just a few months and a real community is being built around the brand. We know we have hit the sweet-spot when a brand and the product performance reflect well upon each other, and with Okko Filters, positive feedback from photographers demonstrates that Okko has a bright future.

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