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Red Bull

Playing It Old School: How Japan Changed the World

Soon after the Red Bull’s Music Academy was held in Japan, we began discussions with Red Bull about creating a documentary revolving around Japan’s history of music technology development, and it’s creation of the most prolific icons of music technology ever made.

Our documentary explores how this technologically advanced nation has helped to change the way music is consumed worldwide through two products: the Sony Walkman and the Technics SL-1200. A massive undertaking shot in three countries with over 55 interviews, we sought out the untold stories from DJs and music producers about how the two inventions affected their musical lives and culture as a whole.

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Project Team

  • Producer: Adrian Grey
  • Producer, Director, Writer: Bruce Nachbar
  • Associate Producer: DJ Sarasa
  • Associate Producer: Aiko Tanaka
  • Red Bull Japan Producer: Miki Asai
  • Red Bull Producer: Tom Howell
  • DP: Brandon Strack
  • 2nd Camera: Adrian Grey
  • 2nd Camera: Keivan Salehpour
  • 2nd Camera: Alexis Willaume
  • 2nd Camera: Curtis Ces Shaw
  • 2nd Camera: Mike Intile
  • 2nd Camera: Tom Slemmons
  • Sound (New York): Taylor Roy
  • Sound (Tokyo): Jeffrey Jousan
  • Gaffer (New York): Mike Intile
  • Gaffer (Tokyo): Vince Paul
  • Fixer (Beijing): Fen Feng
  • Fixer (New York): Aiko Tanaka
  • Lead Editor: Jun Hanamoto
  • Assistant Editors: Brandon Strack
  • Assistant Editors: Keivan Salehpour
  • Assistant Editors: Alexis Willaume
  • Color: Brandon Strack
  • Motion Graphics: Ben Sheppee
  • Motion Graphics: Brandon Strack
  • Motion Graphics: Michelle Weiss
  • Motion Graphics: Mio Tanaka
  • Animator: Tiago Passos
  • Sound Engineer: Jeffrey Jousan