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Great South

Te Anau Time

The Covid-19 pandemic had decimated the global tourism industry. In New Zealand, a once-popular destination called Te Anau, was ready to give up. 

Te Anau needed a way to reconnect with Kiwi travellers, especially those in big cities like Auckland, and encourage people to visit once lockdowns were over. 

Te Anau had one thing no one else in Aotearoa had. Time. In fact, during summer, they have an extra hour of daylight compared to Auckland. So, we set out to attract visitors with the time they could gain by a visit to the deep South.

Made in collaboration with Gunn Communications and Shotover Media.

The launch idea

Daylight savings was coming up, so, naturally, we shared a press release announcing Te Anau wouldn’t be turning their clocks back. Effectively creating a breakaway time zone: Te Anau Time.

The campaign

To support the public relations campaign, we created a series of moments that highlighted what you could do with the extra time Te Anau has to offer.


Covered by every major news outlet in the country (and even some in Germany, Singapore, and the UK), Te Anau Time went viral, sending curious Kiwis to check it out for themselves. The campaign put Te Anau on the map and operators enjoyed their busiest summer in years.

“We wanted Te Anau front of mind, and people are talking about it. We’ve had people saying they’ve heard of Te Anau time, and they wanted to come and see it for themselves. This is the first time we’ve heard from people that they have seen a campaign and then come because of that… it is among the most successful campaign we have run.”

— Anke Ruwette, Tourism Marketing Manager, Great South