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The Reserve Bank of New Zealand

A not so reserved annual report

In 2014 the Reserve Bank of New Zealand reached its 80th anniversary and to mark this milestone, Strategy designed the 2014–2015 Annual Report to both celebrate the past and look to the future.

For the first time, the report was produced as a bespoke, fully responsive website. This was complemented by an accompanying printed edition.

The report’s overarching concept, ‘Rounding Up 80 Years’, was represented by a striking, yet simplistic graphic and a historic timeline of key events was interwoven throughout the reports. Images, sourced from the Bank's archives, were used to represent nine key events which included interesting stories and quirky moments from the Reserve Bank's history. As the images had been collected from the 1800s right up until 2015 a consistent appearance needed to be created. Each image was reproduced using a mineral turpentine release process and put through a traditional printing press.

Annual report