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Tinker Tailor

A split personality that's twice as good

Walk into any supermarket and you’ll encounter an ever escalating battle for your attention in the crowded beer chiller. With over 200 craft breweries now operating in New Zealand, beer packaging is becoming increasingly brighter, bolder and wackier, vying to get noticed by craft beer aficionados on the lookout to try something new.

Rather than shout louder, our goal was to start a new conversation, telling a unique story that couldn’t be ignored.

A brand with a split personality that’s twice as good. Each expression of the brand is designed to reflect the dichotomy of two opposing but complementary personalities. It’s the best of both worlds – the tried & true regular brews and the experimental, taste testing concoctions. The aim is for the two characters to always combine to tell a greater story.

Each beer starts as a true to style, perfectly tailored brew with a label that stands out by being restrained. A simple black and white design set in a time tested typeface – Akzidenz Grotesk. It serves as a blank canvas for the tinker to ‘steal’, modifying the recipe and customising the label with whatever’s on hand when inspiration strikes. This simple brand mechanism of two versions of each beer doubled everything for the brewery. Twice as much shelf real estate in stores, taps in bars and yes, even revenue!

In a crowded market getting your beers on shelves and on taps is the hardest part. With a unique brand story, Tinker Tailor has eased their way into over 50 Wellington bars & bottle stores and were named by Beervana (New Zealand’s ultimate beer event) as one of the top new breweries to watch. With solid foundations set, Tinker Tailor are armed and ready to enter the battleground of the supermarket chiller and the next stage of growth in their business.