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Super Natural Landscaping

In the unruly hills of Wellington live a rag-tag band of heroes, the Scapegoats. Armed with a brand immortal they tame the forest, transforming the everyday into the super natural.

Scapegoats have built a reputation for crafting remarkable landscapes across Wellington. It’s the hard-earned result of the owners Kylie and Ruben bringing their spirit and personality to each and every job. Despite this, they lacked a compelling brand that could match their ambition and tell their story. 

To connect with the high expectations of their house-proud audience we needed to create a brand that pushed the boundaries of the imagination. One that illustrates how Scapegoats use their head and their hands to create outdoor spaces for the mind to wander.

Our solution was to position them as landscaping legends. From soil and seed, to tiles and timber, Scapegoats create super natural experiences. 

The language of landscaping

Every headline is an opportunity to tell a story that elevates the everyday into the extraordinary, allowing the reader to imagine more than meets the eye. 

Crafted worlds  

Working with illustrators Jess Benhar & Rebecca Cook , we brought to life four hand-cut illustration worlds, reflecting the craft Scapegoats put into every landscape they create. 

Mixing magic and mythology

We crafted a flexible ecosystem of elements that work together to tell the Scapegoats story. 

Picture perfect projects

Each landscaping project is given its own storytelling lens – told through a mix of poetic language and photography that offers glimpses into each created world.    

A record year of growth 

The refreshed brand has helped propel Scapegoats into a period of sustained growth and elevated their reputation to previously unattainable heights.