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The stuff Kaikōura is made of

ITM Kaikōura has been locally owned and operated for years. It’s fair to say it’s part of the community, and, not a stretch to say it helped to build it. So, when they started to lose business to online shopping and hardware stores out of the area, they wanted to take action. 

We needed to educate locals on the diverse range of products offered by ITM, making it be seen as a retail store for everyone, not just builders.

‘The stuff Kaikōura is made of’ is a clever campaign that reminds locals, they’re locals too. 

Life in miniature

The striking images were inspired by everything from favourite surf spots nicknamed ‘meatworks’, to the more famous tourist attractions. Each scene was painstakingly created using real miniature models and real DIY goods available from ITM Kaikōura.

Part of the community

The campaign idea and design execution allows the messaging to speak to community partnerships, such as ITM’s sponsorship of the local pools.