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From A to Better

The New Driver Education Programme (NDEP), is a joint venture between NZTA and ACC. From the outset, the project team were adamant that the programme was to be design led with an uncompromising user focus. 

The programme’s overarching goal is to save lives on New Zealand’s roads. The brief was to co-create an engaging brand with users, so that it communicated with them on their terms.

Multiple user engagement sessions were run with young Kiwis from across New Zealand to inform the design of the brand. All components of the brand were tested with our young kiwi audience— from the programme’s name to the brand’s tone of voice. With a tendency to over complicate things, it was unsurprising that the recurring message coming out of these sessions was ‘keep it simple, don’t make me feel stupid’.

In response to the issue of young Kiwis getting their licence then forgetting everything they learnt — a clear, single minded brand strategy was created which established the brand’s core idea of ‘Inner Drive’. Inner Drive positioned the brand as a way to encourage all young drivers to continue to get better. It reminded them that getting their licence was just the beginning.