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How do you position Australia’s food as the world’s best?

Australia is known for blue skies and sunshine, appealing farms and orchards, beaches and beautiful landscapes, and a balanced lifestyle. All this (and more) made life easy for us to develop a brand that elevates Australian horticulture products on the global stage.

Standing out from the crowd

As Australia’s horticulture industry continues to cultivate an Asian and Middle Eastern audience, brands are seeing an increase in sales and a greater demand for Australian-grown produce. However, competition is rife in this market. Brands must demonstrate more than just quality — they need to cultivate stories of provenance, people, and sustainable processes. Hort Innovation challenged us to create a country brand that provided not only a nod to provenance but also invite the world to taste the best of what Australia’s fruit, vegetable, and nut farmers have to offer.

Now in season

Two disparate trade and export brands; ‘Australia Fresh’ and ‘Now In Season’, gave birth to a new initiative, ‘Taste Australia’, which not only gave a nod to origin but also delivered a sensory invitation. In creating a unique territory we needed to explore and uncover visual language that would position Taste Australia on the global stage, and strengthen the reputation of our homegrown produce.

Blue skies and sunshine

The story of provenance is conveyed through a series of illustrations that speak to Australia’s climate, outdoor lifestyle, and farming practices. The versatile illustrations were applied to a wide range of touch points including the export trade show stand, point-of-sale material, buyers guides for various countries, and a range of publications. 

Taste Australia is big and ambitious, and the traction we have seen far exceeds our expectations for the launch of this new, dynamic horticulture in-market position.
— John Lloyd, CEO Hort Innovation.

Taste Australia