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Strategy & The New Zealand Jazz & Blues Festival

The history of jazz

For 9 consecutive years, Strategy has captured the essence of the New Zealand Jazz and Blues Festival held in Christchurch each April.

Over the years, the diverse range of international and local artists required a flexible architecture that would endure yet lend itself to fresh and varied executions. Our solution was to represent the changing styles and tempo of the music with flowing lines and interlocking shapes. Together with an evolving colour palette, these elements have remained the consistent underlying theme in all of the Festival promotions.

Each year, to ensure variety and innovation in the campaigns, the design is developed by a different member of the talented creative team in Christhcurch. 

Our work for the New Zealand Jazz and Blues Festival has been recognised by a number of prestigious awards over the years, and helped to build the Festival into the widely acclaimed event it is today.

2012 Brand identity

2014 Brand identity

2010 Brand identity

2009 Brand identity