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Experience More Japan

Strategy teamed up with wasa-be (AOI Pro.) to produce 13 films about 13 prefectures in western Japan for the Japan National Tourism Organization. These prefectures  experienced a dip in tourism following a series of natural disasters in 2018, and thus needed to spark tourists’ interest once again.

From conception to delivery, everything including research, filming, editing, color correction, script writing, and voice over concluded in just over two and a half months. Experience More Japan was an incredible journey with unforgettable experiences that unequivocally translated into the visual material we created, such as an epic road trip of over 1000 kilometers in one day, trekking through a snow storm in the depths of the mountains, and chasing an incredible sunset along the beach.

Project Team

  • Producer: Adrian Grey
  • Director: Tom Slemmons
  • DP: Brandon Strack
  • DP: Chris Sheppard
  • DP: Takeshi Fukushima
  • Production Manager: Tatsuya Yamada
  • Production Coordinator: Takashi Ichioka
  • Transport: Ishigaki
  • Editor: Issam Kechouri
  • Editor: Tom Slemmons