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Good Bitches Baking & Fix & Fogg

Kindness Spread — Spread Kindness

To make the world a little better, sometimes all it takes is flipping an idea on its head. So to celebrate World Kindness Day we did just that.

Good Bitches Baking is a charitable organisation made up of thousands of Kiwis who through baking, show kindness to those having a tough time in their communities. Their mission is to bake Aotearoa into the kindest place on earth. 

Our sweet idea was to spread kindness with the ‘Good Bitches Baking World Kindness Day Campaign'. A mouthful we know, but boy it leaves a good aftertaste. 

We took the mission of spreading kindness and flipped it into a kindness spread. Partnering with our peanut-butter pals, Fix & Fogg, to form Aotearoa’s bitch’nest team.

A recipe for kindness 

From the gooey typographic lettering with it’s high-built triple-hit UV over gloss finish, to the kind colour palette, creativity was working to make Aotearoa a kinder place. 

Kindness can be bought

The Spread was packaged up with a ‘bake the world a kinder place’ enamel badge & was topped off with kindness sprinkles.

“Strategy Creative are the best bitches out! Seriously though, we were blown away with their talent, ideas and willingness to go above and beyond. If you are reading this and thinking of working with them, do it. They won’t let you down.”

— Nicole Murray, Founder, Good Bitches Baking