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Building the Google maps of the underground

Local and central governments don’t know the states of critical infrastructure like water pipes until they fail. Construction projects experience delays when they hit pipes and wires they didn’t know were there. 

The mission: 
As advancements in technology continue to let us see further and past boundaries, Kiwi company Reveal began to understand their underground mapping services had deeper potential. 

Lead by a puzzle enthusiast with a vision for the hidden, Reveal reached critical mass and had gained plenty of traction — above and below the ground. They quickly started steering away from project-based services, setting their sights on long- term partnerships with city- sized ambitions. They were keen to make a mark. 

The solution: 
Inspired by the systematic nature of their work and the enigmatic musings of their founder, we created a new brand identity that signalled Reveal’s transition to an enterprise-level organisation. 

The execution: 
Under control: our core idea central to a strategy that uncovered clarity and direction to the business. This paved the way for the shaping of the brand’s voice and visual system. A strong new brand has now been activated through a website, collateral, stationary, a vehicle fleet, apparel, and a fresh brand video. Our brand set solid grounding for Reveal to bring their hidden potential to life. 

The results: 
Reveal’s new identity has helped transform the company from just a physical service provider, to a digital tech company. Their fresh look has already caught the attention of global cities interested in long-term partnerships.