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Serving Progress

The pandemic has accelerated the hospitality industry embracing technology to help better serve their customers. Businesses have had to adapt to contactless ordering, juggle multiple delivery providers, and had to work hard to retain customers.

The mission:
With 10+ years of experience Mobi is an industry leader in end-to-end digital solutions for small to medium sized hospitality businesses. Mobi saw opportunity for growth to serve global, enterprise level customers. In order to do so they need to level up their brand perception to reflect their capability and ambition.

The solution:
We partnered with Mobi to develop a brand system that allowed them to speak to enterprise level boardrooms. A system that can serve them for years to come, growing with them and adapting to fast evolving market.

The Results:
“To say we’re happy with the new visual identity is an understatement of a different kind. I literally can’t stop myself from visiting the website every 20 mins or so and we have had nothing but positive feedback from staff, customers and investors.”  — James Perrin, Mobi