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Naylor Love

Our heritage, our future

When a brand with a 100 year history needs a refresh, there’s inherently a challenge involved: the design needs to balance the current brand equity with the need to modernise.

That’s exactly the situation we were asked to tackle for Naylor Love — one of New Zealand’s largest construction companies which traces its roots back to 1910 in Dunedin. They are known for their dependability, trust and forward-thinking – so it was important for us to retain these qualities as we evolved their brand.

Our brief was to lift Naylor Love’s profile, enabling them to expand their business across Aotearoa through a consistent and modern brand system that clearly articulated their story.

We started the project by building a deep understanding of the business – speaking with more than 150 staff, the executive team, and clients. We discovered that it was crucial that Naylor Love presented as forward-thinking and trustworthy.

To achieve this we simplified and modernised the brand’s visual language. We created a refined design aesthetic for application across the vehicle fleet, business cards, letterheads, documents, advertising, and other collateral.

A renovation, not a rebuild

The original Naylor Love brand identity was busy and dated. We simplified the design system to raise their profile over and above their market competition.

Brand toolkit

We designed a comprehensive brand guidelines. This enabled Naylor Love’s team to consistently use the identity with confidence and clarity across a range of applications.

Bespoke typeface

We developed a bespoke typeface for Naylor Love that reinforces the distinct visual language found in their logo.

A consistent system

The minimalist brand with its distinct typography and teal colour palette was applied across Naylor Love’s worksites, vehicles and offices around Aotearoa.