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Only Marlborough

True story

Working with three major Marlborough organisations we were set the challenge of creating a brand that would resonate with the people of Marlborough and raise the region's profile, nationally and internationally as a destination to live, work and play.

Working with the research of the residents' beliefs, values and aspirations, we first looked at what makes Marlborough unique. We discovered a region full of colour, complexity and diversity – a truly special place. The phrase 'Only Marlborough' became our positioning statement and we began to build the brand around this concept.

We created a logo mark (the ‘Marlborough lens’) that revealed the relationship between people, community and geography. We developed a fresh colour palette inspired by the region and a set of icons to help convey the Marlborough story. Detailed guidelines were created so the different partners could achieve consistency in their communications.

‘Only Marlborough’ offers a singular, powerful story with the tools to tell it.


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