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Red Bull Japan

Red Bull Music Festival Tokyo 2017

Red Bull Music Festival took the concept of a music festival and remixed it in a way that’s only possible in a city like Tokyo. Over the course of four weeks, up-and-coming artists performed alongside musical legends in the venues that defined the city’s musical landscape. 

Through it all we were there to document the live performances, lectures and workshops, a truly insane night of psychedelic dance and noise music, an all-nighter at Shibuya’s most iconic clubs, an evening of genre-defying improvisation, and a night of electronic music featuring video game music pioneers. 
Unforgettable, indescribable; once in a lifetime; you-had-to-be-there; what else can we say?

Project Team

  • Red Bull Producer: Joseph George
  • Producer: Adrian Grey
  • Creative Director: Brandon Strack
  • Creative Director: Michelle Weiss
  • Teaser/Wrap Director: Jeremy Rubier
  • Cameramen: Keivan Salehpour
  • Cameramen: Tom Slemmons
  • Cameramen: Sharon Gideon