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SingularityU Australia Summit

Following a highly successful New Zealand summit in Christchurch, Singularity University called on Strategy Creative to help bring the global speaker series to Australia for the first time ever.

The three day event featured an incredible range of speakers delivering powerful talks on subjects ranging from digital biology to robotics and cyber crime. The challenge for us was to ensure strong ticket sales, and introducing Australia to SingularityU and its mission of helping the world understand, adapt, and thrive with exponential technology in the lead up to the event.

SingularityU is focused entirely on new technology and the screens at the event are the major touchpoint for attendees. Because of this we designed an identity with motion and digital media at the top of mind. Everything was designed to be animated—with a dynamic typographic system and an ever-changing gradient bringing it to life. We translated this across to the printed collateral, with holographic foils and hand-mixed screenprinting adding a tactile touch to the event.

The identity we created helped ensure the first ever SingularityU Australia Summit was a massive success. More than 1,200 attendees were informed and entertained by some of the top minds in the world at Darling Harbour’s Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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