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Thanks for trusting us

When TEDxWellington 2016 was announced, only the theme of ‘trust’ and the date of the event were made public. A bold move that saw tickets sell out within 2 minutes.

On the day delegates were transported in blacked out buses to a secret location. No programme was provided with delegates in the dark about who would be speaking next. Photography was not permitted within the venue apart from official photographers. Our challenge was to design a printed piece of collateral that added value and reinforced the theme.

Our response saw the delegates receiving a photographic memento in the form of fifteen A5 cards reminiscent of polaroids. The pack of cards served as a reminder of the day containing information about the event and the speakers. Each speaker card was designed to include an image of them on stage taken during the day and then printed on site before being assembled into packs and distributed to delegates.

Campaign identity