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Te Arotake – Review into the future for Local Government

Over the next 30 years, New Zealand will face massive challenges – population growth will put pressure on housing; technology will change how we work; and climate change will reshape how we live.

To ensure our communities prosper in the face of these changes we need effective local government. That’s where Te Arotake comes in. Their mission is to undertake an independent look at how local governance needs to adapt to the evolving conditions of the future.

Our mission
We needed to create a nimble brand that could flex to the unique needs of students and members of the community who want to have their voice heard.

The solution
We engaged with stakeholders, working closely with Māori advisors and governance groups to develop a strategy built around regeneration and new life. The approach placed value on taking time to pause, to review, and to improve.

Teeth of the taniwhā

The niho taniwhā pattern illustrates the brand’s future-focused leadership. By repeating the form three times, the design refers to Ngā Kete o Te Wānanga. It acts as a metaphor for insights built on a breadth of views and opinions.

Paper stacking

Used in community messages, the layered collage of graphic elements demonstrates engagement from diverse audiences.

Typography with flex

Te Arotake makes use of three distinct typefaces. Collectively, they symbolise the value of varied perspectives and that the past informs the future.

Weaving it all together

To help Te Arotake reach their audience we created various brand touchpoints from digital experiences, to advertising campaigns and printed collateral.

"Tungia te Ururua, kia tupu Whakaritorito te tupu o te harakeke — Burn off the undergrowth, so that the new flax shoots may grow"