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Environmental Protection Authority

A brand for life

The Environmental Protection Authority operates within a crowded market of ecological regulators, economic advocates and research institutes. With so many organisations all communicating similar messages, it became vital for the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to own a clear, focused message that cut through the noise.

The EPA ensures that the water, the earth, skies, and ocean are full of life. They balance the scales between a thriving economy and a flourishing ecosystem. They do this through credible, informed decision making based on expert scientific evidence. 

Following a strategic review of their offering, we positioned EPA as ‘For life’ in all its forms. From people to plant-life, culture to nature, work life to home life and everything in-between. The EPA safeguards New Zealand’s way of life for generations to come. 


Brand photography provides multiple perspectives on the same story. We use macro shots to speak to oversight, mid shots to speak to the human impact, and micro shots to dive into the details.

Endless colour

The EPA brand colours are defined by life’s infinite diversity. The palette is ever evolving, taking its cues from the hues in the brand photography. 

Graphic reductions

To support our imagery and words, we use graphic reductions. They are a simplified collection of colours and geometric shapes inspired by our photography. 

Bringing the brand to life

The core executions of the brand bring together a timeless graphic system that is rigid yet always different.


We work closely with EPA’s Kaupapa Kura Taiao team to ensure Māori perspectives are successfully incorporated into design outcomes. 

Discover your local waterway

Wai Tūwhera o te Taiao – Open Waters Aotearoa takes the core EPA DNA and gives it a unique spin that’s helping connect kids with science.

“We have been working with Strategy since 2016. We chose Strategy because we felt they had a singular ability to listen, define the requirement accurately, and produce work of startling quality. We were not wrong. We worked with them to define who we are and what we do – not in the language of the various Acts we are responsible for – but in meaningful ways that express our values and what we strive for. Strategy’s work can be seen on our new website, in our corporate reports, our social media presence, and in our other external communications. But perhaps their best work is occurring internally, in the cultural change that is taking place as our people take pride in the contribution their work makes to New Zealand’s future. We have great regard for their ability and professionalism, and enjoy working with them.”

— Dr Allan Freeth, EPA Chief Executive