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The Brothers Green

Leading the hemp food revolution

Over the last year, we have been collaborating with the winners of Foodstarter 2018, hemp-based food pioneers The Brothers Green. It’s rare you get to work with people so committed to sustainability and passionate about championing an often misunderstood resource.

We worked in close conjunction with Brad and Brendon to develop their brand strategy, master brand, and the packaging design for their first to-market product, Hempy Bar.

The two brothers were the perfect partnership to lead the hemp-food revolution in New Zealand, so we developed a brand identity to reflect this. The logomark is a playful combination of the two brothers coming together, forming a hemp leaf in the nature of a venn diagram. We developed a more playful sub-product brand, Hempy Bar, aiming to get the nutritious snack bar in kid’s lunchboxes nationwide.

With heir limitless enthusiasm being an inspiration to us all, Hempy Bar is now on New World shelves throughout the South Island. We wish The Brothers Green all the best on their journey to change the world. The (hempy) bar has been raised for the winners of Foodstarter 2019.

Branding & packaging

Hempy bar