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Zurich Insurance

Big on values

Zurich Insurance needed to turn their corporate values, called Zurich Basics, into everyday speak and bring them alive in their workplace in order for those values to become part of the company’s everyday thinking.

Strategy used the staff themselves to embody the principles of Zurich Basics by commissioning a series of staff portraits and interviewing staff about the values of Zurich Basics. The portraits were graphically treated to create a pixelised effect that echoed the circular Zurich logo and the images were used with real quotes from interviewed staff members. The result is an interesting mix of geometric styles, textures and colours that sit comfortably with the Zurich brand.

The images were applied in large format to more than one kilometre of interior office walls across Australia and New Zealand. The new creative toolkit was also used on a series of posters, booklets and a staff engagement brochure that consisted of 12 interlocking circular cards that employees could use to build their own 3D Zurich DNA sculptures using the Zurich Basics values.


Brand identity