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Carillion Wines

Breaking New Ground

In an industry with such a wide variety of options, consumers can become overwhelmed by choice, often defaulting to regionality or grape variety to help them make decisions. Creating strong brand recognition is the way forward — helping the bottle to say "buy me".

Strategy partnered with Davis Premium Wines to visually and strategically bring their existing ranges under a single brand—Carillion. Undertaking a brand positioning and personality phase allowed for deeper creative consideration on the new brand mark and label design for the 3 new ranges; 'Expressions', 'Origins', and sparkling.

The 'Expressions' range features a series of simple and expressive illustrations by local artist Oslo Davis, reflecting the lighter side of winemaking. The 'Origins' range, targeting a more mature wine connoisseur, features topographical artistic renders from each of the plots where the grapes are grown.

The future is about wine brands that push the boundaries, differentiate themselves, and wonderfully fulfils expectation.

Brand identity

Expressions Range

Origins Range

Sparkling Range