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Mudgee Ridge

A well grounded approach

Mudgee Ridge Estate is a family owned vineyard nestled in the hills of Mudgee, in regional New South Wales, which produces the ‘First Ridge’ range of low yielding, predominantly Italian wines. 

We took a holistic look at this boutique vineyards brand positioning and personality. We created a simple and modern brand identity that uses a monogram created by crossing an M with the visual of rows of vineyard lines that cascade over the ridges.

With a need to help Mudgee Ridge Estate stand out from the crowd, we embraced the idea of still life photography to help tell the story of the vineyards ‘Unique Aspect’, their ‘Hand Nurtured’ approach, and the ‘Well Grounded’ soils of the region which yield wines with ‘Distinct Notes’ of character. These are supported by grainy black and white reportage images of everyday life at the vineyard.