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Fiji Fashion Week

Pasifika on the Catwalk

Fashion Weeks are bigger than the shows — for a smaller nation they can play a crucial role in economic growth and provide a platform for local designers to showcase their culture and talent on the international stage. Successful Fashion Weeks require visionary and memorable identities capable of standing the test of time in a dynamic industry. Fiji Fashion Week challenged us to create a brand that would elevate them on the global runway.


Fashion — it’s in our jeans (and our oceans)
From London to Paris, Tokyo to New York, and everywhere in between, the fashion industry touches our lives. Fashion can be how we express ourselves. It can be part of our identity. The business of fashion is not only a celebration of cultural identity, but also has become a tradable commodity in many economies. In addition, sustainable fashion has become the connector between fashion and the environment, encouraging us to make choices that will better preserve our precious planet. Fiji’s fashion industry is ideally positioned to take up the challenge. A healthy fashion industry in Fiji provides not only an opportunity for economic, creative and societal progression, but also the prospect to position inspired tropical fashion and design on the world stage. Fiji Fashion Week has an integral role in benefiting Fiji’s economy.


Lookin’ good — totoka sara
A new brand for Fiji Fashion Week meant weaving an identity that gave a nod to Fijian heritage and communicated a passion for the future of fashion. A refined black and white brand identity was designed, allowing styled imagery and photography to take the centre stage. A bespoke typeface was crafted to use across brand and event promotions. This font features sharp, angled cuts to reflect the geometric nature of traditional Fijian Masi — elegantly styled to perfection.


Embodying the spirit of Fijian design
The result is a brand that is visually elevated, sophisticated and clean, with clear Pasifika origins. The new brand helped to secure a corporate partnership with Palmolive for the 2020 main event. Fiji fashion is on show.