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Inspiring adventure

With a 25 year history in the outdoor adventure market, Kathmandu has a strong reputation, but its brand had become chaotic, outdated and no longer reflected the quality of its design-led product range. 

Kathmandu creates products that speak of weekends away, mountains climbed, trails ridden, and friendships made. In order to remain relevant to their customers, their brand needed to evolve and reposition. So we set out to create a sophisticated brand that captured the spirit of adventure at the heart of Kathmandu.

We developed a flexible system to activate the brand across all of its consumer touch points including packaging, retail, product and advertising. A secondary layer of sub-brands was also developed to support and complement the master brand.

Our rebrand put Kathmandu’s belief in inspiring adventure front and centre. The philosophy grounds design decisions, binding together the people that make the products with the people that use them.

Brand development

The face of the rebrand was the new logo we designed to stand the test of time. The ‘twin peaks’ mark was developed as a nod to the mountain range of the previous logo. It modernised the brand and translated better to products, giving Kathmandu greater design ownership of its clothing and equipment.

Environmental graphics

We ensured the rebrand gave Kathmandu’s retail spaces a stronger, sophisticated presence by creating a dynamic system that could be translated into varying store environments.

Branded gear and apparel

95% of the company’s sales are of Kathmandu-branded products, so we made sure to create an identity system that works across a range of applications from tees to tags.

Brand packaging

With over 3,000 products, it was vital to establish a consistent visual language for the packaging. We did this by simplifying the design, creating unity through bold typography printed on recycled card stock.

Internal engagement

To reach all staff – from management to the shop floor – we designed a Kathmandu ‘travel journal’ that shared the brand values and design philosophy.

The results

The impact of Kathmandu’s rebrand has been nothing short of transformational. The graphic language permeates every aspect of the brand, from advertising and signage to the smallest detail on the shop floor.