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Mini Japan

Mini Crossover Green Diesel

MINI Japan wanted to demonstrate the fuel efficiency and ecological benefits of their diesel cars. So a challenge was devised. A MINI would be driven from MINI HQ in Tokyo to Lake Towada in Aomori on only one tank of diesel. A journey of 683 km.

Motor journalist, Kushima Tatsuya, test drove the entire route and his very favourable impressions were captured along the way. It was a big step forward for Strategy in terms of production technology. For the first time we captured everything in 4K for maximum flexibility in post. In addition to aerial shots in Aomori, we made use of the groundbreaking DJI Ronin to achieve car-to-car and other dynamic moving shots that would not have been otherwise possible within budget. The result was a video that has the refinement and feel of a full blown car commercial but without the level of production costs that would usually be entailed.