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Student Horizons

Experiences for Life

Student Horizons provide the opportunities of a lifetime to students of all vocations. Everything, from the planning, to the organisation, to the facilitation of travel to locations all around the world is handled by them. Their aim? To unleash each students’ potential and help make sense of themselves in the world around them. 

When Student Horizons came to us to develop a new brand identity and website for them, we couldn’t be happier. In order to do this though, we needed to understand where Student Horizons sat in the minds of the teachers of the schools that they worked with, as well as Student Horizons staff, the students themselves and their parents. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Everyone involved stated that they felt Student Horizons are safe, reliable and enjoyable to deal with. However, there was one thing consistently lacking. Their identity. A fair number of respondents felt their logo, tagline or both, didn’t accurately reflect the offering presented by Student Horizons.

Upon receiving this feedback, we got to work on developing a logo, tagline and website for Student Horizons that accurately reflects their offering. After some thought, we developed the perfect tagline. Experiences for life. This simple tagline encapsulates everything Student Horizons does and all that they stand for. On one hand, they provide the experiences of a lifetime to students. While on the other, the experiences they provide help in shaping each students’ future in whichever career path they choose. Truly, experiences for life. The logo we developed echoes this sentiment. The semicircle represents the rising sun — the symbol for a new day, full of new opportunities and new experiences.

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