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Waka Kotahi & ACC

Drive Community Toolkit

An inability to attain a driver's licence and driving ‘in breach of the law’ is becoming an ‘embedded norm’ in New Zealand’s most deprived communities.

Establish a new initiative that supports and unites driving education providers in our communities.

After engaging with over 50 community driving education providers across New Zealand, ‘Drive Community’ was designed from the single-minded insight that community providers knew their community best, they simply wanted to feel supported with what they were already doing. It’s a sharing community that actively raises the capability, productivity, and effectiveness of every community driver licence teacher in New Zealand.

The Drive community toolkit is the first major product provided under this new initiative. It pulls together 14 physical resources designed to help community providers make learning-to-drive fun, accessible and engaging—regardless of what stage of licence students are at or what teaching experience the providers may have. Key resources of the toolkit include Drive VR goggles and Drive Go. Drive Go is a learn-to-drive card game designed to help people become familiar with the road-code.

It’s early days for the Toolkit in communities across New Zealand, however demand is already exceeding supply and we’ve already had exceptionally positive feedback such as: ‘Studying for a licence is boring. Now this kit will make it exciting. It enables young people to interact with learning to drive in a way they’ve never been able to.’