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Raise the Standard

A healthy home is crucial to social progress. Yet, over half-a-million Kiwis live in cold, damp and under-insulated rentals that impact their livelihood and health.

In 2019, the government introduced new laws around heating, insulation, ventilation, drainage and draughts to ensure all Kiwis live in warm, dry and healthy homes.

We partnered with MBIE and Tenancy Services to give tenants a voice and landlords a desire to act. We needed to create an empathetic brand. One that elevates the customer, not the government. One that has personality, cut-through and focus. One that stimulates the conversation between tenants and landlords.

To achieve this we created the Raise the Standard brand to challenge the “tough-it-out” mentality Kiwis have about housing. Through research and audience testing, we defined our purpose as the voice of reason. An unbiased brand that empowers tenants to look for more and motivates landlords to act.

Bringing action to the heart of the home

We took the action-oriented language of protest and softened it with the language found on the kitchen fridge to create a friendly, non-confrontational call to arms.

Finding our voice

We borrowed the wit, rhyme and cultural relevance found in protest signs. We combined it with short, action orientated language, like reminders or to-do lists on your fridge.


We created a suite of magnets to enhance our messaging by either reinforcing a point or adding relevant information.

Illustrating a healthy future

We created a series of illustrations depicting homes with features like a heat-pumps and range-hoods alongside tenants doing their bit to stay healthy.


To support the implementation of the brand, we created guidance on how to apply the identity, tone of voice and graphic elements across key collateral

Bigger than the standards

Raise the standard stands for more. We know the impact a healthy home will have on the health system, economy and livelihoods of many.

Engaging with landlords

We want to show landlords we exist to support and motivate them. To help them understand that operating a healthy home is a healthy investment.

Talking to tenants

We want tenants to understand that we exist to empower them and see that they shouldn’t compromise any longer. We exist to open their eyes to what’s possible.


To help mediate landlord/tenant relationships with an unbiased voice, we developed a ‘Two to tango’ mechanic that tells the story from both perspectives.