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How do you drive delicious demand, in a commodity market?

The shortest day is nearly upon us. Then days will get longer, the nights warmer, and the cicadas will start chirping loudly.

Summer must be on its way. And so are delightfully delicious Summerina mandarins! They’re the late bloomer of the citrus world — arriving at a time of year when all other oranges and mandarins are hard to peel and full of seeds. It’s this point of difference that helps them to hop, skip, and jump off the shelf with a cheerful personality.

A citrus commodity clash
Traditionally, fruit is considered a commodity, with consumers perceiving little difference between products and brands. You can grow the tastiest fruit with the most sustainable processes, but unless this is communicated to consumers or buyers in a unique way, you’ll be forever competing on price alone. While there are many options in the brand building toolkit, products that sit at the more commoditised end of the spectrum usually need to work harder to find their point of difference.

Summerina mandarins are a wholesome, delicious and healthy, guilt-free snack. Perfect for big and little hands, anytime of the day. Not only are Summerina’s bursting with flavour, they have a few clear benefits: they’re available later in the season, standing out against harder to peel and pip-filled competitors; they're grown by the Fresh Produce Group in the best soils and climates Australia has to offer; they’re consistently tasty; and they’re only available for 8 short weeks of the year.

To position this produce to appeal to both consumers and buyers, we grew the brand strategy into one that is bursting with an enduring personality that celebrates nature, goodness-on-the-go, and convenience. In order to create demand and cut-through, the identity is underpinned by excitable mandarin characters who dance, jump, skip, and hop — these little guys exude positivity, and have a zest for both life and the juicy sweet product. We developed the brand voice to clearly communicate the juicy benefits of the product in a consistent way, highlighting freshness and fun and as the top pick for a healthy guilt-free snack.