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Kyoto State Guest House (Kyoto Geihinkan)

The Kyoto State Guest House

Strategy was commissioned by the Kyoto State Guest House to work with the world famous designer, Gelman, to make a promotional film about the Guest House.

Aiming for more than a simple walkthrough video, we set out to provide a perspective that not only shows the intricate designs and attention to detail, but also the cultural and culinary artists who are called in to entertain visiting state dignitaries. Our crew was given special access to many locations in the Guest House that are usually off limits, resulting in a film that captures the location in a series of once-in-a-lifetime, breathtaking moments.

The kyoto state guest house

Project Team

  • Creative Director: Gelman
  • Production Manager: Miwako Sato
  • Producer: Adrian Grey
  • Production Coordinator: Tatsuya Yamada
  • DP: Brandon Strack
  • AC: Tom Slemmons
  • Gaffer: Vince Paul
  • Sound: Jeffrey Jousan
  • Editor: Issam Kechouri
  • Editor: Brandon Strack
  • Editor: Tom Slemmons
  • PA: Shochi Hanaue
  • PA: Takashi Ichioka