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The Shoemaker

The Shoemaker

Yohei Fukuda had already found his place in the Japanese market and was looking for new ways to reach clientele abroad.

In order to reach a wider clientele Yohei Fukuda wanted to make an original and intimate video showcasing how he differs from the rest of the cobblers of the world. The plan was to reach a wider array of online media platforms that cover fashion news.

Strategy approached the video by first understanding who Yohei Fukuda was and what his goals with the brand were. From there on we could create a cinematic experience captivating the true essence of Yohei Fukuda’s brand and himself as the designer.

The short film quickly caught peoples attention and made it to fashion platforms such as The New Order Magazine and powered.by Tokyo. Yohei Fukuda has used the leverage from the video to since broaden their brand into France’s market as well.