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The Terrace

Lanes of discovery

When Hereford Holdings approached Strategy to develop a brand for its major new development on Christchurch’s Oxford Terrace, the challenge was to develop an identity that would balance public enthusiasm with commercial interest.

The development’s creative platform needed to engage the people of Christchurch – fill them with hope and anticipation at a time when post-quake development in the central city seemed frustratingly slow. At the same time, the brand had to stimulate interest among potential commercial, retail and hospitality tenants in an increasingly competitive environment.

So how did we balance sophistication and quality with accessibility and dynamism? The solution was a beautifully crafted yet hardworking identity. We created an in-line typographical identity inspired by the development’s laneways. The fluorescent red shouts the ideas of surprise and discovery. Simple and solid yet open to invention.

Brand identity

Colour palette




Campaign executions