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Trojan Recruitment Group

Real determined people

With offices throughout Australia, Trojan Recruitment Group initially came to Strategy to help its employees understand why Trojan exists, where it’s heading and how they can contribute.

We listened to the ideas of the executive team, interviewed staff, undertook a competitor analysis and conducted an audit of existing collateral. From this, we were able to refine the company charter and develop the three pillars of the brand: “We are real. We are determined. We are people focused.” This lead to the company positioning, ‘Real Determined People’. 

The results of our distillation went way beyond staff engagement. Trojan understood this and asked us to do a complete rebrand, which ultimately reached all touch points from the company stationery and profile document, to sales tools and the web site.

The Trojan example proves that employee engagement, stationery and positioning statements are all wrapped up in the same big idea: brand. And that branding works best when it all works together.

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