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Remuera Heritage

Past, present, and future

Remuera Heritage is an Auckland community society focussed on recognising, appreciating, preserving, and sharing their local heritage. However, Remuera Heritage does not have a physical space therefore a digital place is a crucial platform to share and experience Remuera’s heritage with a wider community.

We tackled the challenge of creating a digital ‘place’ that will showcase Remuera’s stories—a place that acts as a virtual museum to share the past, present, and future of a suburb steeped in rich heritage and legacy. 

Inspired by the history of the area, we began by evolving and modernising the Remuera Heritage brand identity. A custom logomark, illustration, typeface and colour palette were created using elements from original Remuera signage and buildings in the area. The new website features an intuitive design and considered user journey that showcases Remuera’s stories.