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Explosion of ideas

TEDxChristchurch is a highly anticipated annual event. Over the course of a day, an audience of 1000+ is inspired and engaged by speakers who share ‘ideas worth spreading’.

Launch video

2016 was our second year as Creative Partner. Our task was to create a campaign that would convey the theme ‘360°’ by creating excitement and pushing boundaries.

We began with a single-minded idea, a red sphere to symbolise 360°. We then challenged ourselves to bring it to life in surprising ways. We shot a video of 1000 ping-pong balls being blown out of a white container, opting to do it in live action rather than animation for authenticity, the surprise of natural imperfections, and the sheer fun of it. On the day we kept the audience on their toes with unexpected elements like randomly assigned black or red program covers.

2016 was a huge success with a sell-out crowd, and an identity that reflected the spirit of the day.

Campaign identity